Stair Climbing Trolley Design

Climbing across stairs transportation of goods very easily. Have designed a stair climbing trolley using tri-star wheels with an anti-slippage mechanism.

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Design and Fabrication of Stair Climbing Trolley.

Stair climbing trolley design. Stair climbing equipment supplier. This model can be used in. Stair climbing trolley 1.

It provides 330 lbs maximum carry. Material which is under more stress will be Tri-Star arrangement and shaft. The anti-slippage mechanism uses trapped roller bearings which.

It also endeavors to. The exceptional tri-wheel design applied in this portable Stair Climbing Cart facilitates stable and simple transportation of goods. Summary of Literature- Pratik H.

Rathod started the way of stairclimbing trolley with his new design and later on many. In our project we are designing and fabricating normal hand trolleys with Tri-Star wheel in order to enable the trolley to move up or down the stairs. Lithium Battery Electric Stair Climbing Hand Truck Hand Trolly Support Frame Design Easy Up And Down Stairs Electric Trolley.

The Stair climbing wheel mechanism adjusts itself to stair to climb different floors by vehicle and also on rough uneven ground. Using such kind of stair wheels the load can be easily transferred from bottom floor to top floor by means of climbing the stairs or ladder step. DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF STAIR CLIMBING TROLLEY PRESENTED BY SHIMAGIRI VYKUNTAM 14A51A0395 2.

So theoretically this design is Safe. Bhat et al. After studying various options it was decided to build a trolley that.

ABSTRACT Generally trolleys are. The main objective of this project is to reduce the. – 5 – CHAPTER 3 TRI.

The present paper focuses on the design and manufacturing of a tri. Also the possibility of a design that does not rely on an electrical power source should be investigated thoroughly. Even though main researchers investigated on fabrication and.

Isometric view of stair climbing trolley In the basic models some problems were identified. The Electric Stair Climbing Trolley CT250 is part of a revolution in the materials handling industry with a new design that differs from the traditional stair climber. A smartly designed staircase climbing trolley design and fabrication for vertical goods and materials transport in building floors multi storey warehouses and factories.

A lot of effort is required to adjust the inclination of the hand trolley for provide. RESULT Design of staircase climbing trolley is designed with factor of safety 2. The Computer-Aided Design CAD files and all associated content posted to this website are created uploaded managed and owned by third party users.

Design and develop a mechanical STAIR-CLIMBER that can climb up and down the stairs in a stepwise and safe manner. The CAD model of the product was designed to determine the external dimensions of the stair climber. Staircase Trolley Wheel design.

This project endeavors to. At Stair Climbers we are committed to providing you the highest quality stair climbing equipment at the most competitive prices. In the light of this the project attempts to design a stair climbing hand cart which can carry heavy objects up the stairs with less effort compared to carrying them manually.

Trolleys are used to lessen the stress of lifting while moving it on flat ground. However these hand trolley usually fail when it comes to shifting the load over stairs. This difficulty stair wheels combination of three wheels are used as a substitute which will reduce the effort of lifting.

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